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Moving and Installing New Goods for Hotels and Motels throughout Canada

When a new hotel or motel is built or renovated, we can support the logistics and installations to the property. We will deliver, unpack all the goods, décor, linens, along with all other goods. We will set up each room to your blueprint specifications, including the installation of granite. We install all products from case goods, bed frames, beds, electronic consumer goods, hospital products, laboratories and store fixtures. Whether your shipments are boxed, crated, padded or palletized, we have the experience to handle your needs. We can coordinate your total installation project with your team, allowing a complete logistic and install turnkey package, with a vacuum clean up with full garbage removal. Trust us to transport and install all the goods to ensure that all items arrive in sequence, on time, with a money back guarantee. Call us to transport and install everything for your new hotel.

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