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Our 2016 Enclosed Trailer for our Installations division. This unit hold all our tools, moving & safety equipment needed to provide our customers with a safe, professional , seamless turnkey installation project.

Moving Your World Cargo Trl., Picture

Our truck and trailer asset that can be utilized anytime for your convenience. Well trained, professional drivers are utilized to ensure your shipment arrives on time.


Contact: Installations

Melissa A Healey                                                                                                                   Cell: 1-306-827-7787                                                                                                       Fax: 1-306-827-3004                                                                                                         Email:


P.O Box 43                                                                                                                                 Radisson, SK     S0K 3L0


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Dedication Page

Ethics Policy & Mission Statement

Ethics Policy


Download (PDF, 12.8MB)

Mission Statement

mission statement


I use Rodger, to ship my treasured Motorcycle into various Global countries. I came upon Rodger by a fluke, never did I expect to find someone to support me in my quest to Motorcycle around the world. Rodger is a stickler for details, he has never let me down, my Motorcycle and associated parts have always landed on the exact time and spot where he has said. I have recommended Rodger to several friends.               Del Anderson, Allen SK.,


I’ve requested our name to be withheld, at my direction. Rodger, arranged the following; we have a client that wanted to take a Motorcycle ride across North Canada. Rodger, arranged this perfectly. The adventure started with an escort meeting our client in Prince George, BC. where our client and his female partner, were on a BMW., Motorcycle. The escort that Rodger arranged was pulling a small trailer carrying the following: Cooler, Compressor, Gas, Generator, Food, Spark Plugs, Spare Tires Tubes and Rims, for the Motorcycle,Tents. Rodger arranged all the Motels Rodger also arranged for the Motorcycle to have a complete service in Dawson City. The plane that Rodger arranged to meet the Two in Tukyoyatkut, was not needed as the client had so much fun they decided to drive the Motorcycle back to Prince George, where it was given to the escort. Rodger had no idea until the very end of this adventure the person he arranged this for was one of The Presidents of Russia closet advisers.


I have had the extreme pleasure in doing business with Moving Your World from the beginning of operations. It is a very unique company that offers some very important services to companies as well as individuals. There has never been an issue with missing deadlines or payments and with the team’s high energy, professionalism and courteous service, I’m sure they will be around for a long time.     Nancy Beaudoin President, Radmont Insurance Ltd. Radisson, SK


Radisson Repair, has worked on the vehicles of Moving Your World since inception. This company keeps their equipment in pristine condition. Every Six months the vehicles walk through their safety. Their drivers are very conscious and take excellent care of the equipment. As a previous elected official in the community, I have firsthand knowledge this group gives back to the surrounding communities on an anonymous basis. We find the group as a whole to be very easy to deal with payment at time of vehicle pick-up.            Don Tanner         Radisson Repair, Radisson SK.,


Pearson Transport, is a Van Trucking Company, operating across Western Canada. We have worked for Moving Your World since their inception. We find the group to be very proactive, when there is a problem and their usually is in this industry they have a knack for seeing all sides. Rodger, deals with the problem. Head on, sorting the issue out in the best interest for all. They have excellent communication with all stakeholder, in the process. Simply put they care, while supporting all people.

Chris Pearson           Pearson Transport, Surrey BC.,


Take this as a positive endorsement of Moving Your World. Our group manufactures specialized Steel Buildings and related goods for industry. Our shipments are very different in nature as some require a crane on and off load, live roll on and off winch service combined with Oversized Permits and Pilot cars, into very remote locations across Western Canada. Our shipments are as large as Sixty (60) Feet Long Sixteen (16) Feet Wide with legal height. I find Moving Your World, to be very Hands On. I have seen them work 24 Hours straight to ensure, our goods are on time in excellent condition. Last year, our group did our First U.S. Shipment that was over-wide, through Four (4) States, this was done without a glitch.

Company Name and Writer Withheld at request.

We say what we do and do what we say!

Moving & Storage

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